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Suzanne Caporael

Suzanne Caporael develops work based on her observations of nature and our attempts to define and control it. The resulting works are as formal as they are lyrical, as aesthetically pleasing as they are conceptually challenging. Taking a less-is-more approach, Caporael distills her observations from her road trips and time spent in nature into slightly off-kilter rows and columns of shapes of color and pattern, giving the suggestion of a lap-held diary.
Art in America: Suzanne Caporael
Suzanne Caporael is a seasoned road tripper whose form of expression comes not from the pen or camera, but from the canvas. Working out of her home base in New York, Caporael has dedicated some 30,000 miles of open road to her pursuit of painting. Her highly abstract, thickly applied forms on canvas catalogue journeys in ways that other media cannot capture.

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Suzanne Caporael

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