Exhibition Archive

Gustavo Acosta, Temporary Current, 2008

Affordable Housing: Designing an American Asset (in conjunction with Stardust Center for Affordable Housing and the National Building Museum), 2003

John Alexander, Oil Paintings, 2001; New Paintings, 2004

Anagama: Ceramic Works, Dan Anderson, Chris Gustin, John Hopkins, Matt Long, Don Reitz, Mat Rude, 2013

Michael Anderson, Rewind, 2003

Charles Arnoldi, New Works, 2007

Art 21: Art in the 21st Century (in conjunction with PBS), Laylah Ali, Eleanor Antin, Ida Applebroog, Cai Guo-Qiang, Ellen Gallagher, Ann Hamilton, Arturo Herrera, Oliver Herring, Roni Horn, Mike Kelley, Louise Bourgeois, Josiah McElheny, Matthew Ritchie, Susan Rothenberg, Jessica Stockholder, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Richard Tuttle, Fred Wilson, Kara Walker, Krzysztof Wodiczko, 2006

Au Courant, Rocio Rodriguez, Michael Todd, Laura Bell, Richard Erlich, Patrick McFarlin, Jill Moser, Jerome Powers, Robert Brady, James Marshall, John Rose, Walter Marton and Paloma Munoz, Charles Arnoldi, Robert Flynn, Nellie King Solomon, Zoe Hersey, 2008

Tom Baril, New Photographs, 2008

Bill Barrett,
Monumental Sculpture from the Lexeme Series, 2007

Jennifer Bartlett, Retrospective: Paintings & Sculpture, 2005

Mary Bates, Bronze Sculpture, 2000; Bronze Works of Art, 2001; Data Streams, 2002

Tim Bavington, New Works, 2014

Bentley Projects Grand Opening Exhibition, Jim Dine, Julian Schnabel, Jennifer Bartlett, Frank Stella, Robert Longo, Pat Steir, Dominique Blain, Vernon Fisher, Donald Sultan, John Chamberlain, Chuck Close, Deborah Butterfield, Louise Nevelson, 2004

Jose Bedia, 2008

Will Berry, Paintings & Monotypes, 2003; The Pull of the Air, 2007

John Beerman, 1999

Dominique Blain, Social & Political History, 2000; New Works, 2005

Daniel Brice, California Paintings, 2012

Thomas Brummett, 2007

Sara Carlson, New Works, 1998; C-Print Photographs from the Satisfaction Series, 2001

Sir Anthony Caro, The Kenwood Series (in conjunction with the artist, Garth Clark Gallery, and Scripps College), 2005

Simon Casson, New Paintings, 1998; Epitome, 1999; Greek Goddesses, 2000; New Paintings, 2001; Aphrodite’s Ceinture, 2005; Catalogue of the Iliad, 2007; Thesmophoria, 2008

Dale Chihuly, Chandeliers & Other Forms, 2005

Diana Clauss, New Works, 2000; New Paintings, 2006

Chuck Close, 2004

Configuration: Exploring Contemporary Interpretations of the Human Figure, Joe Biel, Collin Chilag, Carol Es, 2005

Cora Cohen, New Paintings, 1998; Space, 2002; New Paintings, 2005

Contemporary Narratives: Radcliffe Bailey, Simon Casson, Lawrence Gipe, Maverick Gonzales, Julie Heffernan, John Walker, Carrie Mae Weems, 2002

Cose Naturali: Italian Still Lifes from the 17th & 18th Centuries, 2004

Catherine Courtenaye, Modern Calligraphy, 2005; Recent Paintings, 2008

Kris Cox, MKMFSC, 1998; Concentric Episodes, 2002; Grids, 2006

Petah Coyne, Silver Gelatin Prints & Site-specific Installation, 2001

The Cultural Desert (In conjunction with the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, SMoCA – the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art), John Buck, Alexander Calder, Jim Dine, Barbara Hepworth, Robert Longo, Louise Nevelson, Dennis Oppenheim, Lucas Samaras, Joel Shapiro, Frank Stella, Lynda Benglis, John Chamberlain, Vernon Fisher, Dan Flavin, Mel Kendrick, Maya Lin, Richard Long, Louise Nevelson, Claes Oldenburg, James Turrell, 2002


Michael David, New Paintings, 1997; New Encaustic Paintings, 1999; New Works, 2002; Recent Painting, 2010: New Paintings, 2004

Woods Davy, Canto Rodato, 2005; Cantamar, 2006; Western Zen, 2012

Tony de los Reyes, New Paintings, 2000

Louis DeMayo, American Landscapes, 2010

Jim Dine, Monuments to the Human Condition, Sculpture + Paintings, 2001; New Sculpture & Paintings, 2002

Pete Deise,
 Mechanisms of Life Unwinding, 2010

Michael Eastman, Cuba, Havana Interiors, 2003; Horses; 2005; America, 2005; Grandeur Lost, 2006

Angela Ellsworth, Swag, 2004

Herbert Ferber, Paintings, (in conjunction with the Estate of Herbert Ferber and Knoedler & Company), 2000

Helen Frankenthaler, Paintings, 1998

Lee Friedlander, 1996

Vernon Fisher, 2001

Lawrence Gipe, New Paintings, 2006

Jimi Gleason, New Paintings, 2011

Gold Rush: Contemporary Art that Shifts Cultural Associations with the World’s Most Treasured Metal, Lita Albuquerque, Olga de Amaral, Will Berry, Angelo Filomeno, Lawrence Fodor, Makoto Fujimura, Jimi Gleason, Martin Cary Horowitz, Jun Kaneko, Robert Kushner, Nancy Lorenz, Alonso Mateo, Eric Orr, Luis Gonzalez Palma, Andrew Schoultz, 2013

Adolph Gottleib, Paintings 1938 – 1973 (in conjunction with the Adolph and Esther Gottleib Foundation and Knoedler Gallery), 1999

John Graham,
Small Drawings, 1945-1960, 2005

Keith Haring, Selected Works, 2009

Bernd Haussmann, Paintings, 2005, New Paintings, 2007

James Havard, New Paintings & Collages, 2004; Paintings, 2005

Heaven and Earth: Rare Chinese Jade Bi Discs and Cong Cylinders from the Neolithic Period, 2007

Willy Heeks, Intuitions: New Paintings, 2008

Julie Heffernan, 2002

Zoe Hersey, New Works, 2006

Cynthia Innis, Tipping Point, 2007

Cristina Kahlo, Sea of the Unseen, 2009

Jun Kaneko, New Ceramic Sculptures, 1998; New Sculptures, 2001; Madame Butterfly, 2005; Memorable Selections, 2007; Dangos, Heads, Paintings, 2012; Black & White, 2014

Robert Kelly, New Works, 1997; Nocturne Series, 2002; Paintings, 2005; New Works, 2006

David Kessler, New Landscapes, 2004; American Landscapes, 2005; New Paintings on Aluminum, 2007

Gary Komarin, I Could Hear the Wilderness Listen, 2003

Gary Lang, New Paintings, 2005

Terrence La Noue, Retrospective, 2004; New Paintings, 2011

Ah Leon, Ceramics, 2010

Angela Lim, Embroidered Works, 2001

Robert Longo, Retrospective, 2005

Rogelio “Gory” Lopez, American Fictions, 2009

Materia, Carrie Seid, Michael Bauermeister, Dale Chihuly, Michael Kessler, Matt Moulthrop, Philip Moulthrop, Kevin Irvin, John Nelson, Mark Rediske, John Rose, Bobby Silverman, Nancy Sansom Reynolds, Don West, 2004

Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz, Snow Globes & Large Format Photographs, 2008

Alonso Mateo, Illusion & Fantasy, 2008

Ryan Mitchell, Altered Narratives in Stoneware & Porcelain, 2010

Jill Moser, Naming Game, 2006

Kathy Moss, New Paintings, 2007

Forest Moses, 2004

Philip & Matt Moulthrop, Annually, 1999-present

Martin Mull, New Works, 1996; Detours & Destinations, 1997; New Works, 1998; New Works, 2001; Works on Paper, 2003

Marcia Myers,
Frescoes, 2005

John Nelson, Vacancy, 2005; Flower, 2006

New Works by Jennifer Bartlett, Vernon Fisher, and Martin Mull, 1996
New Works:  William Christenberry, Axel Hütte, Andres Serrano, 1996

NeoChroma: A Contemporary Survey of the Use of Brilliant Color as Emphasis in Abstract Painting, Tim Bavington, Ali Smith, Daniel Brice, Oliver Arms, Jill Moser, Feodor Voronov, 2013

Tom Ortega, New Works, 1997, 2001, 2002

Shigeru Oyatani, New Paintings, 2002; Encaustic Works, 2004

Patti Parsons, New Works, 2004; Paintings on Aluminum, 2006

Ruth Pastine, Numinous Duochrome, 2000; Expedition Yellow Violet, 1999

Sammy Peters, New Paintings, 2006; Silent Metronome Series, 2008

Mark Pomilio,
Natural Order, 2013


Harvey Quaytman, 1998

Laurie Reid, Large Scale Watercolors, 2005

Don Reitz, A Life in Clay, 2011; New Ceramic Works, 2013

Mark Rediske, New Paintings, 2007

Otto Rigan, New Sculpture, 1999, 2000

Klaus Rinke, Extra Time, 2009

John Rose, Continuity, 2007

Judith Rothschild, Works from 1943-1992, 2001

Hector Ruiz, The Standard, 2006; New Sculptures, 2007; L’art m’emmerde j’ai participle ‘a cette expo, 2008; colLABORation (with DOSE) 2009

Carrie Seid, Silk & Copper Paintings, 2006; Emergent Features II, 2008

Richard Serra, 7 Years of Graphics, 2007

Bobby Silverman, New Ceramic Paintings, 2004

Thomas Skomski, No Better Place, 2010

Small Works, Catherine Courtenaye, Rachel Darnell, Lawrence Fodor, Colette Hosner, Jun Kaneko, Louis de Mayo, Bobby Silverman, Jeremy Thomas, Ellen Wagener, Denise Yaghmourian, Hiro Yokose, Lucinda Young, 2010

Joe Willie Smith, Found Objects, 2006

John Sonsini, New Paintings, 2013

Devorah Sperber, Selections from The Eye of the Artist: The Work of Devorah Sperber, 2007

Pat Steir, New Paintings, 1998; Waterfall Paintings, 2005; New Paintings & Site-Specific Installation, 2008

Peter Stainfield, Electrified Installations, 2005

Signals, Matt Baumgartner, Diana Clauss, Tom Ortega, Ruth Pastine, Otto Rigan, Steve Rodin, Hiro Yokose, 2002

Jeremy Thomas, Camber, 2013; Bursting at the Seams, 2015

Thomas Tuberty, Steel Furniture, 2004

Jim Waid, Threshold, 2014

Ellen Wagener, Terrain, 2004; The Cultivated Desert, 2005; Wild Edges, 2006; Eden’s Edge, 2008

Tom Waldron, New Sculpture, 2000; New Works, 2008

Andy Warhol, Selected Works by Andy Warhol, 2001

Emmi Whitehorse, Nature Takes a Leap, 1993; New Paintings, 2006

Hiro Yokose, New Works, 1991; Works in Wax, 1997; New Large Landscapes, 1998; New Encaustic Paintings, 1998; Small Encaustic Paintings, 2000; New Paintings, 2001; Portraits, 2002, New Paintings, 2004; One Hundred Landscapes, 2007

Andrew Young, Collages, 2003