Abrió Asistencia Integral para Menores tercer club de apoyo a la educación

Apoyan a alrededor de 200 estudiantes a fortalecer formación académica Por José Antonio Pérez Al menos 200 estudiantes recibirán apoyo para fortalecer su formación académica, al quedar inaugurado el tercer club de apoyo a la educación de la asociación Asistencia Integral para Menores de Puerto Peñasco, A.C. (AIM Peñasco), en calle Lázaro Cárdenas y avenida […]

AIM opens 3rd Homework Club!

By José Antonio Pérez The civil association “Asistencia Integral para Menores de Peñasco” (Comprehensive Care for Minors) AIM Peñasco has opened its third homework club in support of education, looking to help at least 200 students strengthen their academic formation.  The new “Drop-In” homework club is located in the area of Col. Nuevo Peñasco. Nueva […]

Puerto Peñasco welcomed 700,000 summer visitors

By José Antonio Pérez Puerto Peñasco welcomed approximately 700,000 visitors from June thru August this year, reports the local Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV).  This represents revenue of about 730 million pesos for the area, fulfilling overall expectations though also pointing to a 1% drop hotel and resort occupancy levels in comparison to last summer. […]

CEDO is Raising a Whale Tail

Since 1984 the whale skeleton at the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) has been a beloved icon for all who visit Puerto Peñasco. The 16.7 meter female rorcual whale has a very heavy tail which has fallen and now needs our support. Restoration will cost $3,000. So far CEDO has […]

Jorge Arturo Ramos – 39 years of Firefighting service

By José Antonio Pérez August 22nd is Firefighters Day! Jorge Arturo Ramos Valenciana has proudly shared countless challenges, tragedies, and joyful experiences after 39 years of service to Puerto Peñasco’s fire department. Before he was a firefighter, Ramos explains he was “one of those that criticized firefighters without really knowing them.”  However, ever since the […]

Jorge Arturo Ramos celebra 39 años como bombero

Entrega 39 años de su vida a combatir incendios y otros siniestros; es Jorge Arturo Ramos el bombero con más años de servicio en Puerto Peñasco Por José Antonio Pérez Innumerables experiencias, retos, tragedias y hasta alegrías, es lo que ha conseguido Jorge Arturo Ramos Valenciana, quien este año llega a 39 años entregados al […]